On Broad St. in a small sleepy upstate New York village along the Hudson river there are few people on the sidewalks. There is a bank and a barber shop. There is a coffee shop and a place to have a good breakfast. Back in the day this Victorian age village had a cable car and boats pulling into the harbor. It was a bustling center of the county. Yet now the village seems to rarely awaken. Step inside the converted Opera house and Broad St Brand pure soy candles are being mixed, poured and packed up. A new brand of pure soy candles has been created that blend both fun scents and deeply complex fragrances to create comfortable yet fresh experiences.

The facts:
Hand Poured in NY State of pure GMO free Soy wax.
60 hour burn time
12 oz / 360 grams

The scents:
12 unique scents both complex yet comforting.
A wide variety of offerings in multiple fragrance categories. Sure to have something for everyone.

The wax:
Made from GMO free soybeans, which are a renewable resource grown here in the U.S.A.
Most paraffin waxes are refined from imported oil.
Soy wax is a very clean burning wax which does not produce black soot or leave residue on walls or furnishings.
Soy wax burns longer than petroleum wax
Soy is Biodegradable and non-­‐toxic...safe for children and pets
Soy easily cleans up with soap and water